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Does urban living style harm our life?

Nowadays most of the people like to live in a urban life because of the facility available there. Urban life is more developed than a rural life. Each and facilities are available there.

Besides these there have some health issues in urban life because of the urban design. We will talk about the health hazards of urban life here.

First of all we need to talk about the environment of the urban area. Most of the urban area’s weather is not good. Here air pollution is a must as here lives enormous people.

For this people enormous car and transportation is required. This transportation exhausted a lot carbon dioxide which pollute the air.

Secondly the design of the urban area’s building is hazards as all the building in the urban area’sare multi storey. Here sun light is not enough to produce enough vitamin and other types of material which is needed for our body.

Thirdly urban life style don’tallow us to work or to do physical exercise. As they don’t do any physical exercise so they are more risky than the rural one.

By these matter we can assume that definitely urban life is hazardous than the rural life.

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