Booster dose is unnecessary said by AZ VAX

The whole world is facing the pandemic of corona virus. The condition of the world is not good. The most trending and awaiting news was the invention of the corona vaccine.

Many companies have already invented the vaccine and many are tries so by some times it would be like before. And all country and the province will take back the shutdown and life will be better.

Estrogeneca is the first invented corona vaccine. Firstly these Corona vacation company claimed two doses is enough for the each patient.

But after some months they claimed that their vaccines activeness is decreasing for that people who took these vaccine should take another and third vaccine of Estrogeneca named booster dose.

AZ VAX and some other sophisticated person said booster dose is not necessary at all if a man took two doses of Estrogeneca vaccine. Rather they said two doses is enough to prevent one from corona virus.

If some want to take the booster vaccine he or she can take it but they don’t get any extra benefit at all. It is supposed that they can try to create extra prevention against Corona virus.

By that reason AZ VAX said it is not necessary to take an extra booster dose for this virus as it don’t have any extra benefit at all.

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