High blood pressure is a killing factor

Heart is the main function of human body. It pumps the blood of our body. When iur bodies vain feels excessive pressure its called high blood pressure. It can happen by many reasons. In the most cases symptoms and the cause are the same.

Mainly the people who have excessive cholesterol in their blood are affected by this crucial disease. Even high blood pressure can be the reason for your deaths. It can caused stroke and it can also take your life. You also can be paralyzed.

A high blood pressure patient should be more careful about their life and about their life style. Cause a person with high bloodpressure can be attacked at any time if they are not serious about this disease.

A patient need to measure his or her blood pressure regularly and take medicine regularly. If a patient takes medicine regularly he can control the disease.

There are some co factor which can accelerate high blood pressure like smoking, and other bad habits like necrotic. So it is better to prohibit these kind of habit if someone have this habit.

So it is time to be more careful about thyself and your family also. As high blood pressure is a curse so try to Safe from this disease by taking this kinds of measure.

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