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Reopening of school said by health Experts

Health experts asking for the reopening of all educational institution as early as possible. By taking enough safety measures there is no alternative to reopen the school.

During the pandemic of Covid 19 all educational institution are closed for a long time. In this situation students are not allowed to go out as there is a chance to get Covid-19. In this circumstance the mental health of the students is not good.

If students don’t go to their classes, actually they don’t know the new thing ,they can’tshare their ideas with others, they can’t pass free time with friends. Actually they are shut down in their home. It’s make a bad impact on them.

So the health experts of India says to reopening of their educational institution as early as possible to manage and improve the mental health of the students as a whole.

The optimistic response is found from the government of india to reopen the school first.

If the situation remain like this many students will be drop out as many of them have already been. Many are involved in work and they don’t back to school as shut down of school be like this.

So it’s a good decision to reopen the school said by many optimistic in India. Health experts also consider the safety measures not to attack by Covid 19.

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