Counselling an hour can prevent suicide

Suicide is going to be a major concern for the world as a whole. Suicide rates is incredibly increasing day by day. The worst sufferers are the developed nation. So it is the hot talk how to prevent the attention of the people not to do suicide.

There have several reason people opt out this path. They are discussing below-

  1. Loneliness

Loneliness a major cause for doing suicide in US. The parents don’t give their children enough time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of the parents of the developed world are engaged in different types of work. So they don’t have enough time to give their children.

  1. Being cheated

Most of the people take discussion in anger or controlled over by their emotions. If they are cheated by their beloved someone. Then they take the wrong decision.

  1. Extra anger

Extra anger can destroy ones life. Many people look for a way to punish someone by their anger but by doing these so they take their life own.

There have may several reasons for this but these are the major reason people do suicide for.

So now doctors are more concern about the children or teenagers healthcare. Parents should be more careful about their children about their mental stamina. As it is as important as the physical health.

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