Mobile Medical clinic launched in Kerala

Good Medical facilities for the rural people is like a dream. Because doctors are not willing to stay in the rural area cause of their life standard. To maintain a luxurious life doctors want to stay in the urban area.

So in this circumstance the good initiative is taken and that is the mobile medical clinic. They have started it in a bus this bus go here and there in the rural place and give the treatment of those areas.

No doubt it’s a good sign to change the whole medical system and also our treatment system. This service will help the poor people as a whole.

Every province of India will adopt this system day by day. Cause here the doctor are not restricted to stay in the rural area. They are free and their service will be  given weekly for each doctor.

The rural people who don’t have money to visit the doctor they can also visit and can get the treatment easily. Definitely it’s a good starting.

Day by day people can make their life so easy and can lead a healthy and happy life too. A poor person can take health issues so easily and they will take world class treatment and benefit with this little money.

So we can agree that it is definitely a good starting and every province and every country should employ this type of start up immediately.

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