6 Common Questions About Entering a Rehab Center in California

Rehabilitations can be frightening for people when they don’t know what to expect. As such, it’s natural to have a variety of questions when considering a treatment center for either yourself or someone you are concerned for. Many questions revolve around the cost of the treatment and what you can and can’t do. We’ve got the answers to ease your mind. When you’re thinking of entering a rehab center in California, consider these essential questions.

  1. Am I Allowed To Bring My Phone?

Most rehab centers will always allow you to do this, and a rehab center in California will also make that exception. Keeping your phone or laptop with you may make you feel more comfortable and help reinforce the fact that you’re not alone.

  1. Is My Family Allowed To Come to Visit Me?

Of course! It’s encouraging. Having your family come and visit you has proven to help with a patient’s recovery time when you’re in a rehab center in California. When patients feel alone and their families don’t care about their struggle, it can lead them to depression. As such, centers encourage families to show their support as often as possible.

  1. Do I Still Get To Work?

Yes. This is another area that is encouraged. The routine is essential to your recovery, and maintaining a steady work life can help you recover more healthily. Studies have shown that having responsibility helps with your sense of control which is usually something that patients want more of.

  1. Does Insurance Cover My Care?

The answer here is yes too! You’ll find that your insurance will cover one hundred percent of the care you’ll receive. If they don’t, the center can help you find a way to afford the treatment you need to battle your addiction safely. The best and most efficient way to know for sure is to phone the center directly to find out.

  1. Do I Have To Go To Therapy Everyday?

While it is undoubtedly beneficial, you won’t have to. Attending a rehab center in California will give you one-on-one sessions once a week. However, if you’re having problems, you have staff on hand to help you.

  1. Does Treatment Take A Long Time?

That will depend on a variety of factors. Some people need light treatment because their addictive issues haven’t gotten to a dangerous area. Others need longer than a year as they have components that require additional care and help. You may stay anywhere from three months to a year in the more extended range and two weeks to a month on the shorter end.

A Rehab Center In California Can Help You

Healing from an addiction isn’t easy, but having the right rehab center can make the process much easier. You’ve got staff to help you at any time of day, and you have a safe environment where you can heal without feeling anxiety. That allows you to have a better attitude and help you avoid relapsing in the future.

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