How To Prevent Relapsing After Leaving an Addiction Recovery Center

Recovery is an ongoing process, as addiction is a disease that must be managed daily. After completing addiction treatment, it’s up to you to make the most of this newfound sobriety and harness the skills you’ve learned in recovery to continue on a sober path. As you familiarize yourself with new strategies to avoid relapse, you’ll develop self-confidence and self-reliance in your ability to continue living a sober life.

After leaving your program, you should have some insight into the next steps to continue your healing journey. This may involve continued therapy to prevent relapse and to address underlying issues that lead to addictive tendencies. Of course, the skills you gather in therapy will take practice to implement. You’ll need to prove how dedicated you are to your recovery by committing to the process.

As you lead a sober lifestyle, it will become apparent that recovery is the top priority. Don’t derail from progress by returning to old patterns. Devote yourself wholeheartedly to the changes you need to make to ensure a lasting recovery is in the cards. If you’re just preparing to leave an addiction recovery center, here are some ways you can work to prevent relapse once you’re on your own.

Pursue DBT Therapy

Therapy is recommended following the completion of an addiction recovery center program, as it provides an anchor to your recovery by showing you tools that can help you maintain sobriety. In DBT therapy, you’ll learn crisis management skills, distress tolerance skills, and mindfulness skills that collectively help to reduce behaviors you’re looking to change.

Make A Routine Following Your Addiction Recovery Center

Giving your day some focus can go a long way in preventing relapse. After completing treatment at an addiction recovery center, plan to schedule your days. If you have a daily to-do list, your mind is preoccupied with completing those tasks.

This type of productive distraction is a helpful way to build a fulfilling life and avoid relapse. You’ll gain a sense of accomplishment with the things you achieve as you follow a routine, which can also influence you to stay on the right path. You can more easily schedule activities that give you a sense of purpose and happiness, and this can also go a long way in preventing relapse.

Set Firm Boundaries

Just as boundaries were placed upon you at the addiction recovery center, you need to set boundaries with those in your life. To maintain sobriety, you need to value yourself and place fair expectations on those in your life. Explain to friends and family that during get-togethers, they cannot drink or use recreational drugs around you. Those that truly have your back will have no problem complying.

Follow Through And Heal

The consistency you show yourself following an addiction recovery center will influence your success in avoiding relapse. Stick to a routine, work with a qualified DBT therapist or similar, and establish boundaries with those in your life to progress in your recovery without interference.

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