Home DNA Test Kit: Discussing Price Points & Factors

If you’re looking to determine if you’re the father of a child, you may be wondering about the cost of home DNA test kits instead of in-lab paternity tests. The quick answer? Home DNA test kits are usually cheaper, but not always by much! Find out how prices are determined and what factors influence how much your kit will cost you.

Home DNA tests can help individuals get information about their heritage and find out more about their background. Companies usually offer these tests, so consumers can buy them online and have them shipped directly to their homes. While there are different types of these kits, most of them include at least some of these components:

  • A saliva collection kit
  • Instructions on how to send back your sample; and
  • Various forms where you can input your results into a database connected to other family members who might have used a similar test before.

You will need to sign up for an account with a specific company to process your home sample. Some companies even allow you to upload family trees or contact information as part of your registration.

Who Are They For?

Whether you’re testing for ancestry, health, or both, you’ll need to decide how much information you want about your genetic makeup. Do you want a report detailing all of your ancestral roots? Or do you want to know whether you have a gene that might raise your chances of getting a particular disease? And how about the cost? Some services will tell you what percentage of European genes are in your blood for free but charging for a full report will eliminate any ambiguity and guarantee total accuracy. Others charge less up front but nickel-and-dime extra for each additional type of analysis. Once again, it’s up to personal preference and financial feasibility. Visit our site and see that price isn’t a factor.

What Do I Get?

The basic home kits vary by company, but, in general, most include a swab to collect a sample of your saliva and return it to you for lab analysis. You’ll get information about where your ancestors likely came from and how closely you might be related to other people with whom you share certain traits or surnames. Additionally, some companies offer upgrades that give you more extensive information about particular health risks or compare your profile with those of living relatives.

How Accurate Are The Results?

Generally, home DNA test kits produce 99.9% accurate results. That said, tests can’t provide 100% guaranteed accuracy due to an unmeasurable amount of error that could occur from various sources, including contamination, human error, and more. For example: what if your brother took a swab from your cheek and mixed it in with his own? The test results could be compromised.

Conclusion: Home DNA test kits have become a popular trend in recent years. Prices for these kits can vary dramatically, but if you’re looking to get tested at home, consider some price factors. Try your home DNA test kit today!

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