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Without getting vaccinated just like driving while intoxicated a health expert said

We can assume the importance of vaccination of COVID-19 by the headline of our topic. Yes definitely is is absolutely right and the man who said it he is patently right.

The only one solution for Corona virus is the vaccination. If one takes the vaccine, he will be more safe than another person. So it is so important to get the vaccine as early as possible.

Because if u are not vaccinated then there have a chance to be attacked by the virus and the chance also attack your family members too.

That is the reason why we mentioned in the topic that not being vaccinated is just like driving a car while intoxicated. If some one are intoxicated and try to drive a car.

Then definitely he can’t drive it like before. There is a chance to do accident. Like it if some one are not vaccinated then he can be easily attacked and also attack  his family.

So there is no alternative for vaccination. We should ensure that we are getting vaccinated for ourselves and also for our family and community.

It is not absolute that if one get the vaccine he or she will not be attacked. He or she can attacks again. So it would be wise to maintain enough safety measures to get relief from this virus.

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