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It is not an option but necessity to adopt digital health service

Now this is the era of twenty first century and the time of digitalisation. Here and there most of the people are using smart phones and the smart devices. Every one of this world now health conscious.

As well as the  development of the technology people are connected together with one other. People can stay close by the grace of the technology.

People are in the same position as before. They have to go to doctor to get an appointment and consult about their disease. It is time consuming along with costly.

But if people get the service in the digital platform then each and every person will be benefited more. They don’t need to go to a doctor to have an appointment. They can easily do it over the phone by the video call or with any other online digital platform.

It is the matter of time to adopt the digitalisation in health sector. A vast number of people die because of the late meeting with doctor as they are too busy to manage time to visit a doctor.

If the digitalisation of the health sector is possible then each and everyone will be benefited. It would be so much easy to visit and consult with a doctor.

So we can say that health ministry will definitely adopt this kind of digitalisation as early as possible.

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