How to Choose the Right Dish at a Restaurant

There’s nothing worse than trying out a new dish at a restaurant, disliking it, and then having to pay for it. If we could preemptively know which dish we’ll love, we would save ourselves a lot of ruined dinners.

Unfortunately, the gift of foresight is not something humans are equipped with. Instead, take a look at some of these tips to know how to order the right dish at a restaurant.

1. If You Want Meat, Go with Chicken

Chicken is usually the safest meat to order if you don’t know the menu. It’s easy to cook, which means it’s very difficult to mess up. Any chef worth their salt at any restaurant can make something delicious with chicken.

Other meats, like pork or mutton, may be a little harder to fully master. Even something as simple as a steak can be ruined if the chef isn’t careful about it. It’s also a lot easier to tell when a chicken is raw versus other types of meats.

2. Suggest Different Dishes for Everyone

If you’re part of a big group and everyone is unsure about the menu, order different things. This way, if some are unsatisfied with their food, you can always make a trade.

3. Look at What the Others Are Having

Take a look at what the other restaurant guests are ordering. It can give you a good sense of the portion sizes and presentation. Pay attention to their reaction as they eat, if you can. Some people are very animated while eating, so you can tell if the food is enjoyable with a quick glance at their direction.

4. Ask the Waiter

Ask the waiter about the food and see if they can recommend any dishes. Asking the waiter is especially helpful when dining at a restaurant where the menu is in a different language. They can explain the elements of the dish, the flavor, and the portion size so that you make an informed choice while ordering.

5. Ask for the Chef’s Choice

Some restaurants let you choose the chef’s choice. It’s when the dish is left to the chef’s discretion since it’s assumed that they will give you the best item on the menu.

6. Order Food Delivery

Ordering from a food delivery app like Grubhub is one of the best ways to ensure you get what you truly want. With a food delivery app, you get the restaurant reviews and pictures of the dishes all in one place.

And, it ends up being cheaper than going to the restaurant in person if you have a Grubhub promo code. Through Slickdeals, Grubhub offers an array of coupon codes and holiday sales so you can try new foods at a discount.

Grubhub also offers gift cards for those that have used up their “new customer” deals. Sign up for the loyalty programs to get exclusive promos and coupons for restaurants in your local area. For more information, you can get in touch with Grubhub directly through Facebook and Twitter.

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