Can Stem Cell Injections Reduce Low Back Pain?

Are you suffering from low back pain? If yes, you are not alone. Approximately 90% of individuals across the globe suffer from this pain to some extent. Low back pain is one of the many demanding conditions in individuals that leads them to work-related disabilities. The pain is challenging to handle and is the cause of various medical conditions. If you’re sick and tired of the traditional method of treating low back pain, then you have a silver lining.

Doctors are here to help you with a new way of treating the problem- with the assistance of regenerative medicine. Problems like degenerative disk disorder, low back pain, and age-related medical conditions affect the intervertebral disc. The structure absorbs shock and protects the spinal cord from becoming weak and fragile—any issue with the degenerative disc results in low back pain and inflammation. With the help of regenerative therapy or medicine, you can better treat this issue and get back to ordinary life.

  • Towards a new approach

Treating low back pain is similar to treating grey hair and wrinkles. You may address the exterior signs that are the pain, but the underlying cause remains untouched. Pain relief is thereby a significant component of the treatment. The options typically encompass the following:

  •   Medication: With the help of pain relief and pills from local dispensaries, you may reduce the inflammation. Muscle relaxants, low-dose antidepressant pills, and cortisone injections can also treat the condition.
  •   Physical therapy: Coming to yet another way of treating back pain: physical therapy. From electrical stimulation to ultrasound treatment, these help in releasing muscle tension. They also provide strength and relaxation to the back muscles and thus support the spinal cord.
  •   Alternative therapies:Most individuals choose supplements that treat the disease, like massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and yoga.
  •   Surgery: If all the conventional methods have failed to provide relief, the medical practitioner might recommend a surgical process. The doctor may suggest a minimally-invasive surgical procedure, which removes the affected part of the disk and reduces the pressure on the spinal cord and the nerve.

The surgery has a high success rate, but most individuals are not comfortable with it. It’s because the post-surgery recovery stage is full of obstacles.

  • The role of regenerative medication

When all the above techniques have fallen flat to provide relief, your doctor might help you with stem cell therapy. Mt Pleasant Pain control clinic gives stem cell injections to help patients get relief from pain. It’s possible to gain relief with this treatment option. Research reveals that patients with low back pain have achieved positive results with the help of stem cell therapy. These are specialized treatment options, also known as MSC or intradiscal mesenchymal stem cells. With the service of these injections, doctors provide you with an effective treatment option that lowers back pain and helps you get back to ordinary life.

In stem cell treatment, a specialized field of regenerative therapy, doctors repair disc issues with the help of new cells developed under specific conditions in the laboratory. The medicine works directly on the damaged tissue and provides relief. During the treatment, the medical practitioner performs several diagnoses to understand the underlying cause of the problem.

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