22Bet Chile is one of those bookmakers that catches our attention from the first moment. And that is why here at MisCasasdeApuestas we have decided to give m22Bet Chile a chance to see what it had to show us.

22Bet Chile is one of the recommended bookmakers, of course

22Bet Chile is a betting site that we are already telling you is worth taking into account for our sports bets in the territory. If we are looking for a new place to join to bet online, this may be the one chosen, if the rest of those that we review are already known to you or are not of interest to you for various reasons.


  1. We go to the betting site through the button that we see above ” Request “.
  2. We click on the registration section.
  3. We provide our personal data and contact information.
  4. We check that everything is correct and we finish creating the account.
  5. As easy as that! Now we can request our welcome bonus and start betting with more pesos than we put.


The 22Bet bonus is the easiest way to start betting at this bookmaker – almost like any other, by the way. In this case, the 22Bet bonus for getting started on the site is 90,000 pesos, which is not bad for being free, but it is also not one of the highest that we find today in the market.

Even so, it may be worth it if what we are looking for is to start over on a betting site

In that case, the 22Bet bonus gives us the opportunity to start with a good starting balance to double our potential earnings faster and thus reach a good starting level.

we recommend the 22Bet bonus, despite not being the highest, for the overall quality of the house.

And as we always say, which also applies to the 22Bet bonus in this case, the welcome bonus is just something for the beginning. In the long run, a good betting site on a general level is something that interests us more!


22Bet betting is the main section of this house, and with good reason.

The firm they have made a special effort to offer a significant number of markets, which little by little have become the hallmark of the firm.

Today it offers a very wide selection of betting options on numerous events from a multitude of different sports, which gives us the option of choosing those odds that interest us the most.

And of course, we like it, because a greater number of possibilities is always better, being able to choose in detail exactly what we want to bet.


Although it is true that 22Bet sports bettingis very varied, it is worth noting that its presentation and organization can be somewhat complex for newcomers to the world of betting.

However, if this is not a problem, we will find that 22Bet is a place where we will feel very comfortable with our bets in general. Another notable aspect of 22Bet is that it is a recent sports betting house, with all that this entails.

On the one hand, freshness in many of its areas; on the other, room for improvement when it comes to offering truly cutting-edge betting features.

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